What We're About

The creation of Feel Better Products

Fizz Whiz, LLC was established in Tampa Bay, FL in 2019. That year, our founder started making bath fizzes and learning about natural oils and ingredients. She developed an e-commerce shop at thefizzwhiz.com with skincare products such as bath fizzes, moisturizers, and body scrubs.

On March 1, 2020, the website was launched and 2 weeks later, the world drastically changed. With some additional time on her hands, she created more products with the focus being to exclude unnecessary, harmful additives and incorporate the benefits of mineral-rich oils and natural ingredients.

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In the development of The Fizz Whiz brand products, the focus is what is better for the body. The Fizz Whiz offers fresh and handmade lotion, salt scrubs, clay face masks, lotion, body wash, conditioner, beard balm, shaving, hair care products and more with special blends of oils that contain minerals and antioxidants that the body needs to function properly.